Things I Don’t Understand

Those people who have those “Baby on Board” signs.  What’s it supposed to mean, don’t hit me so hard when you do?

Why is it when everyone else in America is going to the beach, people in New Jersey  go to the shore?

How do fingernail clippers pose a threat on airplanes?

Why is it when crude oil prices drop 25% the price I pay at the pump only falls 10%?

If it doesn’t have any eggs in it, why is it called an “egg cream”?

When did being gay stop meaning you are having fun?

Why is it so difficult to find real, as in black, licorice?

I’m  62 and yet I have never been asked a single question on my feelings about anything that became part of a national poll, so who are they asking?

If we’ve gotten so much smarter over the years, why does broadcast television suck worse now than ever?

Oh yeah, and on that point, where “reality tv” is concerned, whose reality is it and who made the decision that it really is reality?

And one last thing along that same line.  Who reviews television commercials?  I mean, some of them are really dumb, really stupid.

Why do banks charge a fee on savings accounts?   Sounds like a disincentive to save.

How do I know if I am being politically correct, and why should I care?

There are tons of much more serious things I don’t understand but that is another discussion.


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