Ten Burning Questions

I have a bunch of questions that absolutely need answering.

1. What’s the difference if something burns up or burns down?

2. Why do we have streets, avenues, roads, and boulevards?  Couldn’t we just pick one and go with it?  And what’s the difference between them?

3.  We say “drink it up” and “drink it down.”  Is there a difference?

4.  Why do we say we are “going to run to the store” when we know darn well we will drive there, or walk?  I’ve never seen anyone run to the store, have you?

5.  What’s a “moment”?  You know, like when someone says “one moment please.”  What’s the minimum needed to make a moment and when does is become two moments?

6.  Is there such a thing as “one sheep” or does it become a lamb at that point?  Isn’t a lamb a baby sheep?

7.  Why do we say “take a nap”?  I mean, what are we taking it from?

8.  If I said “I went down to the beach” doesn’t that really mean I went to a subterranean beach?

9.  Does anyone besides me think that the term “soy milk” is ridiculous?  Milk comes from mammals and the last I heard, soy is something that grows on a plant.  So why not call it what it really is, soy juice.

10.  Why are all the best tasting things in life fattening?

All right, I know there are more than ten questions in there, but still, they all need to be answered.  Life as we know it depends upon it.


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