The Anatomy of the Female Mind–A Must Read For Men

I have not got a clue.  I am a man and when it comes to the female mind, we men really do not know what they are thinking.  Even when they claim we have read their mind, it is just a trick.  Women have always known that allowing men to believe we know what they are thinking is just to get us to go along with what they are really thinking.

When humans were in the infancy of the species, women had already gotten a plan on how to get men to do their bidding.  In those earliest of days, women were given the brains and men the brawn.  That has not changed, much.  Men have always had to chase the woman and get her attentions, even way back then.  Once the woman decided who she would allow herself to be caught by, she immediately pointed out to the man how much stronger her was and that of course he truly had to be the “hunter /  gatherer.”  How did she do that since communication, as far as we can tell, was little more than a bunch of grunts and groans?  Easy, she allowed him to “have his way with her” and immediately got pregnant.  Once pregnant she made it obvious that childbearing was about all she could, or would, do.  But she did it in a way that the man was convinced he had conquered her, had his way with her, and that he had dictated her place to be with the children.

That particular setup was done while she was still single and hanging out with the other single girls.  Whenever a sabre tooth tiger would show up, she feigned freight and immediately hid behind the closest group of men.  In do so, she signaled the men that since they were all so strong and wonderful, it was only natural they should want to defend their women.  And guys, not only did we fall for it then, but we are still falling for it.  In truth, way back then women actually spoke the same language as the sabre tooth tiger and knew they were never in any sort of danger.  I mean think about it.  Is a cat not a feline and do we not think of feline as being female?  Guys, who do you think invented that idea?  We didn’t!  I can assure you of that!

That was just the start of a litany of things women have thought  of to control their men and compel them to do their bidding.  Men have the misconception that they basically created the languages of their world.  No!  We may have created a lot of words that exist in any language, but when it came to forming sentences, women have always been at the forefront.  The theory is that in society, men and women share the same spoken language.  It is true that here in America we all speak English but the translation of those  words is controlled by women.  Any guy who has been with a woman has heard her say “that is not what I meant.”  And when we dare ask her to explain she acts put out and replies, “Weren’t you listening?”  At that point most of us bow out having been cowed and made to feel that we in fact had not been listening.  And for guys who are pretty good listeners, woman use a different technique.  They will say something like, “honey, remember how we talked about doing (insert subject here) and we agreed that we would . . . ”  Those words are used to confuse the good listener making him think they have already had a conversation.  Men almost always respond that they remember the conversation even though it never happened.

The most recent thing invent by women to cajole and control their men is the “man cave.”  Oh yes!  Guys, we didn’t invent that and if you think about it, where are most man caves?  In the basement!  What better place can a woman get her man to go so she can do what she pleases!  Not only that, she gets us to build this place making us believe it was our idea in the first place!  Really?  What is in most cellars besides the hot water heater and the furnace?  How about the washer and the dryer.  Did not we men designate such appliances and being the woman’s domain?  Now she’s got us spending time next to the washer and drier!  And as to the rest of the house, who decorates it?  Not us guys, that’s for sure!  Aside from the entertainment center, maybe, she has designated what should be bought for the rest of the house, what it should look like, and where it must be placed.

Single guys, prepare to see “girlie flicks” once you get married.  It is not a matter of choice, you will do it.  I still have not figured out how they get us to do it but they do.  And when you want to go see an action adventure movie, well, you better have sons or other husbands who will go with you.  Your wife will have other ideas that you will agree when present by her that of course she should be doing those other things.  Shopping is a given.

Guys, the female mind is extremely complex and men have yet to decipher it.  It is unlikely we are going to figure it out anytime in the near future either.  Acceptance is not only the best route, it’s the easiest route.  Women are much smarter than us and they know it!  A million years of human growth has allowed women to not only stay a step ahead of men, but to improve their ability, in the long run, to convince men that it was their idea in the first place.

Guys, if you don’t believe what I’ve just told you then do this.  Tell the woman you are with your plans.  If she responds with the single word “really,” this means she saw your plans coming and has made her own which of course do not line up with what you had in mind.  If she responds “that’s nice,” run, don’t walk, because not only does she not like your plans, but she is going to strike back quickly and incapacitate you.  And if she responds in a manner that says basically how great she thinks your plans are, prepare for a contest, because she already has plans that will make you wonder why you made your plans in the first place.

Guys, we love our women but never doubt that we are here to do their bidding, and they still think in terms of “love, honor, and obey” towards us.  If that is all they are demanding, consider yourself fortunate.  Regardless, the woman who has allowed you to be in her life, to share her space, who is allowing you her intimacy, has judged you worthy of her consideration.  And when you consider everything else I have said, that means you are doing pretty good, that you have a good woman who will protect you with everything she’s got.  You’ve done well, so, DON’T SCREW IT UP!!!!


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