Christmas Gifting

This is a tough time of year for so many.  We are clueless on what to get our families and they do not help a lot by giving us good ideas.  I thought I would make a couple of comments along with suggestions relative to gift giving.

When I was in high school we put on a play one Christmas named “The Gift of the Magi.”  If you are unfamiliar with it, I recommend you read it.  It shows the true spirit of giving at this time of year.

When my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I said quite honestly that I could not think of a single thing.  Of course that answer is not entirely acceptable, so I gave in and said the Kindle Fire would be nice.  But the truth is, I  want for nothing and a small box of really nice chocolate would have been more than enough as well as pleasing me greatly.  I really love it that I am in a place that I am not looking to get anything and loving it.

Another thing I learned some years ago, Christmas aside, is to give without the expectation of return.  For example, someone always seems to be looking to borrow a dollar or two.  I can think of nothing worse than loaning someone money.  When they do not pay it back timely, or at all, it is far to easy to be very resentful.  I hate being resentful.  Now when I give someone a little money I tell them they are not to pay me back but they must promise me to do one thing, pay it forward.  That is, when the time comes, they too will be in a position to help someone out in like manner and they should do so as I did for them.  At that point their debt is paid in full regardless of the amount.  Amazing how well that works when you are not expecting someone to pay you back.

This Christmas I told one of my daughters that if she made some of her fabulous Christmas sugar cookies for me that would be more than enough.  If you think about it, the best gift of all is one that the giver made themself.  I asked another of my daughters to get me a bit of chocolate that I had indicated on on my wish list there that I desired.  None of the chocolate I want is outlandishly expensive but where I am a total chocolate addict, I am certain to be pleased.

That is one thing you all can do to help people out with their gift buying.  Go to your favorite stores’ web sites and put together a wish list.  Direct those who want to give gifts to those sites and they will no exactly what you want, no guessing.  Even better, no returns for you or the gift giver.  It can also be great if the person you are giving the gift to lives at some distance from you.  You can have the gift wrapped and delivered to that person!

The two things I would love to have are far too expensive to be a Christmas gift and something I need to do for myself.  I have come to believe that most things I could want fall into the category of being things I need to deal with myself.  For those who feel some obligation for giving me something, I have decided to keep it very simple and inexpensive.  Just the fact that they give me a little something is all I really need.  It is truly the act more than the gift itself that is important.  Would you not agree that is true?


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