Living to be 120

I said to someone today, “You know how I know every day is going to be a good day?”  She said, “No. How?”  I said, “I wake up.  From that point on it has to be good because I am s till alive.”

About 12 years ago I made a decision to live to be 100.  I was quite serious and when people asked me how I planned on doing that I said, “One day at a time.”  I was and am quite serious about that.  I no longer worry what is going to happen next year, next month, or even next week.  I concern myself with today and what I can do today to help myself stay in a healthy state, mind, spirit, and body.  It is not always easy and I sometimes forget.  But when I do remember, I do not allow myself any excuses for not doing the next right thing.  Like today, it is cold, damp and gloomy outside and I really would rather not go out there to do my daily exercise.  But as I sit here, I am already partially geared up, clothing-wise, for a 22 mile bicycle ride.  As soon as I finish this I will put on the rest of my gear and head on out.  I know that when I am finished and back here, I will be feeling really good about it all and wondering to myself why I get in my own way.

I had an aunt who died about a year and a half ago.  She was 100 and she was my father’s sister.  My father lived to be 57, dying from a 3rd heart attack.  I had a heart attack over 13 years ago.  But contrary to what my father experienced, I have no heart damage, the clogged artery has a stent keeping it wide open, and I have an exercise regimen that has helped keep my blood pressure down, my pulse a slightly above that of a distance runner, and my cholesterol in check.  My plan is to continue that until I can no longer physically do it.  My 100-year-old aunt died from Alzheimer’s disease but she was still fully mobile at her death and moved without help of any sort or physical impediment.  I have no excuse for not following in her footsteps.  I think that were it not for Alzheimer’s she would still be alive today.

That is the reason I have quite recently changed my target date from 100 years to 120 years of life.  There was no real reason not to, particularly considering that more and more people are reaching the century mark all the time.  There is one exception to all that for me.  That is, I will need to still have all my wits about me and be fully mobile at 100 to continue on.  I cannot stand the thought of being stuck in a house, or worse, a room.

Well, that is it.  That is my plan, pure and simple.  I am feeling great today and have no reason to believe that this cannot continue for a very long time to come.  If my plan succeeds, I will live to see 2069.


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