Answers to yesterday’s posting…………….

I was hoping to get some response to my post but alas, nothing.  That’s okay.  Well, here is what each item is.

1.  Pong — It looks like a sled, which it is of course, but it was used in the winter to carry milk from farms to dairies.  It had other uses as well, of course.

2.  scythe — This was used by farmers to cut down grass primarily, although wheat farmers also used it to cut their wheat.

3.  milk can — I think it is rather self-explanatory but it is what went on a pong.  there was also something called a “milk box.”  This was an insulated box the milkman put your milk in outside your door.

4.  candle snuffer — This item was quite simply used to put out candles.

5.  surrey — yes, it is a carriage but this was the wealthy person’s pleasure vehicle.

6.  bed warmer — when houses were heated via fireplace, upstairs rooms were unheated and getting into bed on a cold night could be difficult.  This helped with that.

7.  bellows — commonly found next to fireplaces to help starting a fire.  You simply pumped it and it pushed air into your fire.

8.  butter churn — There was a time every town had at least one dairy in it but dairies in those days frequently did not produce butter, or if they did it was too expensive for the common person.  Milk was delivered with a layer of heavy cream floating on top of it.  People skimmed that cream and made their butter in this device.

9.  caisson — This wagon was common in the field artillery of old time armies.  It was used for carrying gun powers and cannon balls.

10.  bustle — This was a later 19th Century device women wore under their dresses to, well, here’s a picture.  You decide what it did.


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