Living With A Cat

Notice I entitled this “Living With A Cat” and not “Cats Living With Me.”  The reason is simple, they allow us to be in their lives!  Cats have what I call “cat-atude.”  They have no desire whatsoever to please us.  To the contrary, we find it necessary to please them!

This is what cat-atude looks like.

I have owned a cat for as long as I can remember.  I consider them to be the ideal pet.  They are obsessively clean.  Dog owners have to give their pet a bath lots of times throughout the dog’s life.  Cats, to the contrary, will generally fight you on that point.  The cat will clean herself several times a day.

Cats are extremely independent.  You take the common house cat and a dog and put them both out to fend for themselves, the cat will have no problems.  The dog on the other hand, big problems.  A dog will scavenge but in the wild, they do not do well.  A cat can scavenge but prefers to hunt.  When I was a kid, I remember seeing my cat out in the field behind our house one day.  She came inches from taking down a pheasant.  A pheasant is a big bird and if it were not as quick as it was, it would have been lunch.  Cat owners will tell you of their cat bringing home things like mice, birds, rabbits, and other wildlife it comes across.  Many people do not understand why they do this.  The reason is quite simple, cats are generous.  They share and that is what the are doing when they bring their prey home, they are sharing.  That cat I had when I was a boy brought home many live animals.  Now that takes talent!

This cat decided to have a lizard for lunch.

Cats are environmentalists too!  This cat is about to rid a yard of pesky pigeons.

Cats can tell time.  The cat I have now, Jinxie, knows the times of day we generally feed her.  The only trouble is, she does not differentiate between weekdays, when we feed her at 6AM, and weekends, when we feed her after 8AM.  If I leave the bedroom door open on Saturday or Sunday, she will come in and remind me of my obligation to feed her.  She will meow and pat her paw against my face to get my attention.  And believe me, she is persistent and always gets my attention. Back to when I was a boy, that same cat who caught everything also saw to it I was up in time to get ready to go to school.

A cat does not care whether you pat it, play with it, or not.  Dogs have to have such attention but cats, they can turn it down.  Pick one up who does not want to be picked up, they can take a swipe at you with a single small paw, claws extended, and get their point across.  They do that with dogs too.  Have you ever seen a cat lying on a floor and a dog decides it wants to play with the cat but the cat is not interested?  The cat will continue to lie there while the dog runs around and jumps around the cat, barking the whole time.  The cat, looking quite bored, will make one quick swipe at the dog’s nose, make contact, and rid herself of the dog in an instant.  And this happens with the cat never having moved more than that one paw.

Here is a perfect example of a dog not understanding boundaries.  The cat will set him straight.

Cats totally understand doing their business in a litter box.  You cannot get even a small dog to do that!

The link below is the a video named “Simon’s Cat.”  Now even though it is an animated video, if you do a search on “Simon’s Cat” you can find a real life video the creator made of his cat one night in his bed.  The video is time-lapse and really funny.  Regardless, follow the link below and have a laugh.  Cats really do what is portrayed in the video.

I like dogs, I really do.  Big dogs, dogs you can wrestle with and have the outcome in doubt.  I really dislike those yippy little dogs that are always trying to hump you leg.  A cat would never do that!  I can assure you if a cat is in a room where that sort of dog behavior is going on, the cat will stare at the dog and say, “really?”

There’s another thing.  Which is scarier, a cat’s screech or a dog’s growl?  I am going with the screech.  Dogs growl all the time and many times it does not mean much.  But when a cat screeches it always means the same thing.  The cat is really pissed off and you better get out of its way.

Here is a picture of my cat.  This is where she likes to be when I am on my computer.

This is what she looks like when I “bother” her.  This is her “annoyed” can I help you look.

Well, those are my thoughts on cats, for now anyway.


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