I Am an Art Philistine

About the only types of art I appreciate are Impressionists, still life and portraits.  Things like modern art and all the other types totally escape me.  I look at some of them and think, “what am I supposed to make of this?”

This picture looks like it should be at the beginning of a television show like the Twilight Zone.

And this is an example of abstract art.  People really pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for this stuff?  I do not get it!

This piece was done by Child Hassam and is named “Boston Common.” I absolutely love this piece, and any number of others he has done.  This painting speaks to me.  It says so much.

Monet is another of my favorites.  His paintings always seem so serene, peaceful.   I can look at one of his paintings for a really long time drinking it in.  They always seem summery which is my favorite season.

My daughter introduced my to Mary Cassatt, her painting above, and I was in love immediately.

Renoir’s “study” of his subjects are fascinating.  I have never taken a course art appreciation so I do not know what he was thinking when he painted this, but that does not mean the painting does not suggest many things, it does.

I cannot tell you if Kelvin Lei, who painted this which is titled “By The Window,” is famous or not.  I can tell you that I really like it and that is my point.  I know what I like, and I know what I do not like.  My ability to appreciate other forms of art may be because of a lack of understanding, but I would not bet on that.  I have a good understanding of liver and how it is cooked, but I still do not like it.


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