The Beauty of Poland

Several years ago my wife and I had the good fortune to visit Poland.  It was, believe it or not, our alternative to going to Italy.  Italy was a little too expensive for our budget at the time so I came up with Poland.  My wife is Polish.

As it turned out, our visit there turned into one of the best vacations I have ever had.  If I get a chance, I will return there as there is much more we did not see even though we were there for a full two weeks.  I decided to share some of our pictures and encourage those of you considering a European destination to consider Poland.  It will surprise you.  Not only that, it is a lot easier on the pocketbook than most western European destinations.

This is a picture of Nowy Swiat, a street in Warsaw and while it may look rather plain in this picture I want to point out how neat and clean it is.  This was commonplace on our trip there.

This church is a little way up on Nowy Swiat.  Its interior is very typical of Polish churches.  This view is actually rather plain compared to many other churches there.   The painting shown here is in the National Museum but it is typical of the kind of art that can be found in most Polish churches.

This is a picture of a square right next to the “old town” portion of Warsaw.  This particular square was totally destroyed during World War 2 but was rebuilt starting in the 1970s so that it is an exact replica of what the square looked like prior to its destruction.

While this scene looks like it is part of the beautiful Polish countryside it is actually a park in the middle of the city.  Warsaw has many parks but this particular one is also the location of the old “summer palace.”

These are a couple of pictures of the Wawel Castle in Krakow.  It sits on the highest point in the city and was where the first monarchs of Poland sat.

These five pictures were all taken around Krakow’s market square.

Krakow is a relatively small city and retains an old world quaintness to it.

The square show here played a prominent part in the movie “Schindler’s List.”  It is the location shown where the Germans first rounded up the Jews and had them register.

About 50 miles west of Krakow is the city of Chestohova.  The city is the location of the painting named “The Black Madonna” revered in Poland.  The church where the painting is located, shown above, is a destination for Polish Pilgrims.

Finally, back in Warsaw, we have the beautiful building and grounds of the Wilanow Palace.  The palace dates back to the 18th Century.  Its interior is a veritable museum of art.  It is also the location that the “Warsaw Treaty” was signed at the end of World War 2.

I have been able to show only a few of the many pictures I took during my two weeks in Poland.  I could have, and should have, taken many more.  There is something in Poland to appeal to everyone.  If you like food you will love Poland.  The Polish cuisine is excellent and there are no shortages of restaurants that serve excellence Polish food at very reasonable prices.

The Polish people were consistently friendly and, for the most part, those we needed to interact with spoke reasonable good English.  I give my visit to Poland 5 stars!  I had absolutely no complaints and enjoyed every single minute of my stay there.


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