Spirituality and the Spirit World

I am dealing with two separate concepts here, but are they connected?  I think they are and I will explain myself.  But even if you cannot be convinced of the existence of spirits, I think it wise to accept the idea of spirituality.

A number of months ago a woman, who also happens to be a physician, told me she does not believe in spirituality.  More commonly, though, are people who do not know what spirituality means.  I was such a person even though I firmly believed in the concept.  But one day a woman asked me what spirituality meant to me.  I could not give her an answer and so I set out to figure it out.

The example I love to use as a particularly spiritual moment, and the one I suggested to the physician, is that moment when a child is born.  That moment between mother, father, and baby is an instant when you feel strongly drawn to each other, happiness fills you, and you feel a thrill like none other.  That is probably one of the most spiritual moments any human being can experience, in my opinion.  There are, of course, any number of other and different situations that are truly spiritual.  I think any moment when an individual feels at peace and filled with a joy of experiencing something qualifies as a spiritual moment.

I believe everyone experiences many spiritual moments throughout their lives.  Anytime something happens and two people enjoy the exact same feeling, and, know without saying a word to each other that they feel exactly the same exemplifies this.  But I take that one step further.  I believe there is a particular type of energy shared by those two people.  That energy flows evenly between them.  That leaves the question, is there truly real energy that flows between these people?  I believe the answer to be an emphatic yes.  That being true means that something real, if not tangible, travels from one person to another, energy.

Back in the early 20th Century Albert Einstein offered that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.  This is 0ne of the basic facts of physics and physicists have proven this to be fact in a million different ways.  There is no debate on that subject whatsoever.  Because of that simple fact a noted physicist, whose name I do not remember, remarked when asked about the possibility of spirits commented that it is certainly well within the realm of possibility.  It is not uncommon to hear about a person’s life-force.  Is that force a real thing, a type of energy?  Again, I think that it is in no small part because of one very simple principle.  We are the only animal on the planet that knows it is going to die.  This particular sort of consciousness, I believe, may well be our life-force.

About 20 years ago, or so, I read a series of books by the author Mary Summer Rain.  She wrote a number of books known as the “No-eyes Series.”  They were then, and are now, considered “New Age” books, whatever that means.  Mary Summer Rain is a full blood Shoshone who was brought up in the Roman Catholic tradition in Colorado.  Her books are written in the first person as they are an autobiographical account of her years when she was learning the ways of the shaman.  One book in particular, “Spirits Aloft,” recounts her encounters with the spirit world.  I chose then, and choose now, to believe her accounts.  There is nothing in any of her books that leads me to believe that she is concocting anything she has written.

I wrote a while back of my questioning the existence of God.  This concept, however, I believe exists independently of God.  I do believe, however, that spirits have a leg or two up on us in grasping God conceptually, and may well get such an answer immediately upon death.  But what I do not believe in are the reports by people who have experienced “near death” and their seeing a white light and other sensations.  I think all such experiences are fully explainable within the physical world where we live.

Physicists are presently discussing the possibility of as many as 11 dimensions, the three we live in plus another 8.  I think it highly likely that when our existence in our life dimensions ends we can well enter into one or more of the other 8 dimensions.


2 thoughts on “Spirituality and the Spirit World

  1. I recently posted a review of Journey of Souls by Dr. Newton. Probably like you I read a lot of spiritual books and theories throughout my life, but I find this book and his follow-up, Destiny of Souls, fascinating. It’s quite in line with developing theories of quantum mechanics and instead of fluffing the afterlife with dogma his research shows it to be more of an alternate dimension of concious awareness that is our real home. Very interesting and worth the read.

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