What is True Beauty?

This will be a mostly graphic posting.  Make your own conclusions.

Did you notice people are almost non-existent in these pictures?  That is simply because, in my opinion, man is hard pressed to compare to the ultimate beauty that is nature.  You do not have to live in or near any of the places pictured here, or have any of the animals in your neighborhood.  All you have to do is go to a park and sit quietly.  Nature will come to you and it is always beautiful.  Watch a squirrel scurry around, stop, look, and scamper off.  Every move is precise and beautiful.  Watch a cat or dog sleeping.  Watch the sun rise or set.  Consider any tree that you see.  Pick up a rock and study it.  Even what might appear to be the most uninteresting rock, or the most common of stones, once studied becomes beautiful in its own right.  Nature creates beauty everywhere.  Try not to miss it.


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