I Call My Higher Power Ralphie

Most of you call your higher power God.  I call mine Ralphie.  If you want an image of Ralphie simply conjure up the character in the movie “A Christmas Story.”  Yup, that Ralphie.  This might sound sacrilegious but it is not.  My higher power is the universe.  If the universe and God happen to be the same thing, great!  But until I find out the truth, I have Ralphie.

But why would I pick a movie character for a face?  A friend of mine, Jean, said her higher power looks like Jack Klugman.  I always liked that.  She said that was because she only had the “God of her misunderstanding” and she understood Jack Klugman.  A lot of people really liked the George Burns image of God.  I kind of liked that one too, in all respects.

I do like the idea of talking to a higher power but when your higher power is the universe, well, I just needed a human name for that universe.  If you read my previous post, “How Big is Big,” you will get a really good idea of how I see myself in the universe.  I am truly insignificant, relatively speaking, but I do count.  If Ralphie ever talks back to me in a way I really understand, well, then I will have to make Ralphie God, and the universe too of course.

Even though this posting is a little bit of tongue-in-cheek, it is also my reality today.  I am just trying to make sense of things, and this is just another step towards that end.


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