The Six Worst “Best Picture” Movies

1.  The Artist (2012) — I have already written about this in an earlier post so you can see my comments there.  I think “The Descendants” and “The Help” were far superior films.

2.  Chicago (2002) — This movie was actually pretty good but not worthy of the award.  The movie which should have won it that year was “The Pianist.”

3.  Gladiator (2000) — This was all about women loving Russell Crowe and men liking all his testosterone.  It was a good movie however the movie “Traffic” was easily its better.

4.  Rocky (1976) — What was so good about this movie?  How did it win over the movie “Network”?

5.  Oliver (1968) — Did this movie get nominated because Hollywood knew it would never again make another musical.  Did the academy put blinders on when they viewed “The Lion in the Winter” and “Romeo and Juliet”?

6.  The Sting (1973) — The only reason for “The Sting” winning this award is because Hollywood wilted under the power of the Catholic Church which decried “The Exorcist” that was also up for the award.


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