Are Americans Naive, Gullible, or Really Lazy?

There was a news report yesterday that about 50% of Americans blame President Obama for the current high gasoline prices.   Really?  That is what I do not get!  Presidents seldom have any effect on current gas prices.   Mitt Romney said in Alabama that gas prices have doubled since Obama was elected.  I checked that claim out.  On the day he was elected the average price of a gallon of gas was about $3.60.  By the time he took office it had plummeted to $1.90 and since then it has been slowly climbing back up.  Romney was something less than honest with us, cherry picking the data that suited him.

There are a number of things that affect the price of gasoline, regional stability in the middle east, amount of crude being pumped, amount of oil being refined, and speculators.  Mostly, of course, it is global demand versus oil-producing countries supply.  The only effect a President can have is his releasing America’s oil reserves, and that is a very limited effect.  To a lesser degree the major oil companies have some effect.  One thing Americans need to become aware of is the fact that every year about this time the price of gasoline rises as refineries change over from the winter gas mixture to the summer mixture where the summer mix is more expensive.

This, of course, is not the only area Americans seem to be either naive or lazy about but right now it is making the headlines.  I have stated in earlier blogs that I wish Americans would do more thinking for themselves and stop allowing politicians tell them what to think.  Politicians, regardless of party, are dishonest.  But rather than say politicians lie both parties say the other side is putting their political “spin” on something.  There is only one truth about any one thing.  There can never be two.  For example, as I look out my window right now I can describe the sky as being blue.  Most people would consider that as completely true since that is also what the weatherman is saying.  But it is not.  The sky, in fact, right now is a hazy blue.  The sun is not shining nearly as brightly as it could be.  This is exactly what politicians do all the time.

Americans, next time a politician offers something as being true without showing proof, DO NOT BELIEVE IT!  Demand proof!  If a politician says he is going to do something, demand a detailed accounting of exactly how he will do it, otherwise he is likely LYING!  The truth is, he hopes he can do it but does not really know.

As long as Americans practice laziness, which they have been, things are going to get worse!  Americans are turning over important decisions to people who are not truly committed to following through, or do not know how to follow through, or who will compromise their beliefs as they wilt before their party’s power mongers.


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