How Many Americans Are Truly Unemployed?

During the years 1929 to 1935 as many of 25% of America’s able working public was unemployed.  How did they get that number?  Simple, if you did not have a regular full-time job, you were unemployed.

That, however, is not how we do it today.  Today’s figures are gathered entirely from America’s who are receiving an unemployment check.  It does not include the homeless, who were counted in 1933; the chronically unemployed, who also were counted in 1933; or farm workers, who were counted in 1933.  Why then, you ask, are we not counting those people now?  The simple, and most truthful answer, it is not convenient.  You see, if we did count those people we would have to acknowledge an unemployment rate of well about 15% and that, regardless of what they say, is something neither political party is prepared to cope with.

When John Glenn went into space the first time, the heat shield of his capsule malfunctioned and there was worry that he would burn-up upon re-entry into the atmosphere.  NASA leadership haggled over what to do when one of Glenn’s fellow astronauts told them that they had an obligation to inform Glenn of the condition of his ship, and that Glenn, being the outstanding pilot his was, would assist in the decisions that needed to be made.

The United States is owned by the people, not but 535 congressmen and senators.  The people have a guaranteed right to assist in decisions made for them.  That, however, is difficult to do when complete information is denied them.  The American people do not know the condition of their ship, although Congress probably does, or should.  They forget, it seems, that they are servants and not masters, although it seems they believe they are the latter.

The good ship United States is mired in a recession, the stubbornness of which is confounding, but the magnitude of which is being kept from the general public by those in whom is held the public trust.  A person who is chronically unemployed or who has quit looking is not necessarily unemployable.  But when their own government stops counting them then they are right to feel neglected by their own government.  Those people have not given up a single right to which they are entitled and which the Constitution gives them guarantee.  But their government, our government, through statistical trickery, has rendered them unworthy of its time.  Who, I ask, gave them permission to do so?

I recommend, and I know this will be wildly unpopular with my more conservative friends, that any person who is unemployed be given an unemployment check for however long that unemployment lasts.  Then we will be forced as a country to look at all our citizens, without exception, and deal with the entire problem and not just that portion of it that suits us.


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