I Do Not Understand “Gay,” But I Accept It

With all the problems that exist in our country today, why is there such an uproar over what gay people do or do not do.  I cannot stand the visual thought of two men kissing, but I do not condemn it.  The religion I was brought up in thinks it is an “abomination.”  For the life of me I cannot understand why this should be true.  Is it because of some poorly translated texts from ancient, and by-the-way not original, documents say it is so?  It is difficult to understand how any thinking person could think such a thing.

For many years I was in one of the most testosterone driven organizations in the world which was openly anti-gay, the US Army.  There were plenty of gay men in the arm, a couple of whom served under me.  I never had a bit of trouble with them. They were outstanding soldiers.  I never had or heard a single complaint in all my years about any of the gay troops, that their lifestyle was somehow corrupting us or interfering with our mission.

Now gay people want to be legally married.  So what?  Conservative Christians claim it is some sort of attack on the sanctity of marriage, and upon the family itself.  They fail, however, to explain exactly what that means and worse, they fail to show the slightest bit of evidence to support their contention.

Gay people, to the best of my knowledge, are asking that each state respect the civil union of same gender couples.  They have not, again to the best of my knowledge, asked anyone to allow them to be married in all the churches of the United States.  I do know that certain churches do conduct same-sex marriages in states where such unions are allowed, but is that not their own private business?

My wife was, at least in part, reared by a gay man, her uncle.  And that was because her natural father had deserted the family.  My wife is 100% straight and very well-adjusted.  Her male role model, her gay uncle, was a very intelligent, strong, kind and good man.  He taught her a lot.  He also lived with the same man for 25 years, a feat many heterosexual partners find difficult to achieve, I being among those.

I heard, and saw, a man who professed to be a conservative minister of some evangelical church contend that God hates all gays.  That stunned me.  I considered for a long time what God’s response to such a statement would be and I think, and truly believe, that God spoke to me and said, “How dare you question my love for any person!”  Now that is in perfect harmony with everything Jesus Christ ever said.

I think it high time everyone stopped worrying about who loves whom, and start worrying about how dangerous our city streets have become; or how difficult it is increasingly becoming for the average middle-income family of five to survive on their present wages.

The truth is, gay marriage is not going to hurt a thing, certainly not the marriage.  What hurts marriages more is poor communications between couples, money and the lack of it, sex, selfishness, lack of honesty, lack of commitment.  Any attack upon any marriage, or the entire institution, is purely an inside job done by those who have yet to clean up their own side of the street yet before complaining about what someone else wants or does.

Marriage is truly a first amendment right.  Are we now selectively going to deny that right to people whose life-style we disagree with?


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