My Cat Has Trained Me Well

I have had a lot of cats in my life but it was not until my latest, Jinxie, that I found out that my cat has trained me to do her wishes.

That is Jinxie watching what I am doing on the Internet.  Whenever I get on the computer, it seems, she jumps up on my desk to see what I am doing.  She loves to walk back and forth in front on the computer screen while I am doing something.  I have no idea why, but she does it a lot.

One of the things I have always known about cats is that they have a lot of attitude.

This is Jinxie saying to me, “What do you want?  Why are you bothering me?”  She does this a lot, and yet, I never seem to learn.  Cats are really good about telling you when you are annoying them.  Have you ever tried holding a cat that does not want to be held?  You lose, big time!  You will be weeks getting over all the scratches they can inflict.

This is a “cat tree” I bought Jinxie, a place where she can look out onto the world and survey it all.  Note her slightly opened eye as I took this picture.  She was warning me not to bother her.  This happens to be her favorite place to sleep as well.

When I first got Jinxie I discovered a type of treat she really loves, chicken “Greenies.”  I thought, foolish me, that it would be a wonderful idea to keep some in my beside table so I could give her some, whenever.  Cats have an incredibly good sense of smell, excellent sight too.  She noted that I had the Greenies in my bedside table and would casually wake me up at 1 or 2 in the morning telling me to give her some treats.  I did.  It took my wife to point  out to me that I had no complaint about her waking me up as I had given her reason to do so.  I stopped giving them to her in the bedroom and decided she would get them exactly twice a day, first thing in the morning and 9PM with nothing in between.  There is one exception to that rule.  She gets treats immediately after I clip her claws for good behavior.

But here’s the thing.  Right before she is scheduled to get her treats, my cat is my best friend.  She cannot get enough of me, rubbing up against me, be right next to me, and so forth.  But once she has gotten her treats, she wants nothing to do with me!  I immediately become a pariah.

My idea of cats is that they should love being held and petted.  My cat’s idea is quite different.  She is not interested for more than 30 seconds in being held and petted.    She will fight to get away after 30 seconds or so.  But, once she has jumped down she might stop right there and camp out at my feet or at my side.  There is no way to tell when she will do this of course.  Jinxie loves people.  She just doesn’t want them touching her except on her terms.

My cat has a really cute way of saying she wants you to let go of her, she reaches out, always with her left paw, and ever so lightly taps me on my face.  That is always her signal and she always gets what she wants.  See what I mean about her having me trained.

It is ironic how a creature that weighs a mere 8 pounds has so much power over me!


One thought on “My Cat Has Trained Me Well

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