Got Your BA or BS Degree? Don’t Stop There!

Most people, by the time the finish their first college degree only consider getting into the job force as quickly as possible.  They feel their college loans have a stranglehold on them, and that it is only responsible to get a job and start paying them back.  While it may be the responsible thing to do, it may not be your best next move.

Now, more than ever, entering into fields that require a college degree only gets you in the door.  Once there you discover that to truly get ahead you are going need a graduate degree of some sort.  And certain professions, teaching chief among them, require a master’s degree within a certain time period.  But what if you are one of those people who get a pretty good BS degree and then find it is not what you really want to do?  Here are a few suggestions of master level degrees that do not require a comparable bachelor’s degree.

Master of Science in Mathematics — I spent a career in the field of engineering.  But one of the most sought after persons in that field was not an engineer at all but a mathematician.  Why?  Engineering, and many other fields, require a lot of mathematics to support it.  Mathematicians are frequently used for their analytical skills in resolving not just engineering problems, by problems in physics, business, medicine, and a large array of research fields.  The demand for a person with a master’s degree in mathematics has been and is likely to always be high.

Master in Business Administration — It is not unusual for a person to get a BA degree in economics, advertising, marketing, and many other fields only to discover that they can greatly improve their situation within their company by getting an MBA.  Having an MBA is attractive in fields that may see far afield from business such as public policy, government, and even engineering.  No organization exists successfully in the world today that does not have someone within who does not have a keen understanding of business, and is therefore likely to have an MBA.

Nurse Practitioner / Physician’s Assistant — While both these degrees require a prior degree in nursing or allied field, they are in great demand today and that demand is growing fast.  Right now it is believed there is at least a 14,000 shortage of physicians.  And while a NP or PA cannot fully take on all the responsibilities and duties of a certified MD, he can help fill in the gaps where they do exist.  The needs for NPs and PAs is expected to grow for the foreseeable future.

If you are expecting to receive your bachelor’s degree in the near future or have recently received one, the time is now to plan for your next degree regardless of you field of choice.  Once you have left college behind it becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year to return.  And if you are in either of these situations and have come to realize that you have the wrong degree, by all means, return to college and get the right degree!  Master or bachelor!  Remember, as long as you are enrolled and attending college your student loans are not due.  And even though it means increased debt, in the long run you are putting yourself in a better position to pay off that debt sooner rather than later.


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