Equal Protection Under the Law For Gay People

That was the question one of the justices on the U.S. Supreme Judicial Court asked today.   I guess I am not too smart, because I felt pretty certain that every American citizen was guaranteed that by the Constitution.  Does that mean parts of our population do not considers gays to be American citizens?

I am not gay, have no gay feelings or tendencies, and cannot say I really understand gay.  But I am extremely fortunate that I have never harbored any bias or ill feelings towards gays.  I was a member of one of the most conservative groups in American society, the military.  I remember there being a fair number of gay soldiers, a few even worked for me.  But I looked upon their sexual preference as being no different from my own.  I always preferred white American women.  I lived in Korea and Italy and many men were quite taken by Oriental women or European women.

That there is something wrong with a person who defines himself as gay in an entirely religious position, taken directly from the Bible.  But in this country, supposedly, our laws are supposed to be made without any religious consideration.  The Defense of Marriage Act, and the California voter initiative, show that is not exactly true.  What I find most remarkable about the California law is that it was pushed by conservatives.  Why is that remarkable?  Conservatives are, supposedly, proponents of keeping government out of our personal lives.  Or is that only when it suits them?

I belong to a very conservative religion, Roman Catholicism.  There is zero chance that in my lifetime, or anytime in the near future, that the Catholic church will condone same-sex marriages by its priests.  There are like-minded protestant churches, Mormans, Pentacostals, Baptists, and many others I feel pretty certain.  But here’s the thing, the gay community is not advocating for them to do so!  They are advocating for legal civil ceremonies.  And in this country, according to the First Amendment, that should be all right.

I believe I can say with a fair amount of certainty that there are gay communities in all 50 states in the union.  And within those communities there are gay couples who are rearing children.  By allow civil marriages, those gay married couples would automatically assume the same responsibilities for child rearing that everyone else has now.  Corporate America would benefit because married couples need have only one health insurance policy between them for coverage.  As it stands now, unmarried gay couples must each have their own policy.

The bottom line is simple.  Gay people have existed in all of recorded history and will continue to do so.  The right thing to do is to accord them 100% of the same rights, enjoyed and guaranteed, to non-gay Americans.


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