Why Has The Catholic Church Deserted Me And Millions of Others?

The Roman Catholic Church has to change, particularly in America. It needs to allow women to become priests and it needs to allow priests to marry. Up until 1139 priests were allowed to marry. The idea behind it was to separate priests from a sinful world. The hypocrisy there was that priests were, and still are, sinful themselves. They are human, they screw up, the have to go to confession. At the time it was meant to insure the morality of the priesthood.
That worked up until the mid-20th Century when those men entering the priesthood declined. And the decline continues. There are places in America where churches have no priest permanently assigned, the duties being taken over by a deacon or by a priest who travels from one parish to another.
The American Catholic Church is so arrogant that when Poland offered to send priests to cover parishes in American they were declined! Maybe they were embarrassed that the word would get out that most Sunday masses in America are only lightly attended.
This brings me to my issue with the Church. I am a divorced Catholic and have been so since 1988. Because I am now remarried I cannot receive communion, central to the Catholic service. Curiously, I have been told by more than one priest that were I to stand in front of him to receive communion, and he knowing I was divorced and remarried, he would not deny me. I mention that because there appears to be a large group of priests who believe the prohibition is ridiculous.
There is a remedy according to Rome. A divorced Catholic must petition the Pope to have his marriage annulled. Now understand, an annulment, according to Catholicism, means no marriage occurred in the first place. I have three beautiful children by my first wife. I refuse to insult them, or my former wife, by getting an annulment. But I want my church back.
I firmly believe that were Jesus to come back just to visit the Pope and his college of cardinals, he would have some very harsh words for them. I think they need to read that part of the Bible which speaks of the shepherd who leaves 99 sheep in search of the mission one.


3 thoughts on “Why Has The Catholic Church Deserted Me And Millions of Others?

  1. An annulment (decree of nullity is a more accurate phrase) doesn’t make the children illegitimate. Even civil courts issue civil annulments, and they don’t make the children illegitimate. Illegitimate used to mean that their was no father on the child’s birth certificate. That’s clearly not the case when there is a marriage that is later found to be null. And in only very rare cases does the case go to the Pope. The vast majority are handled by the local diocese. Have you spoken to a priest about your particular case?

    Please do reconsider getting your marriage regularized. Consider this: where in the Bible does it say that a civil divorce decree makes somebody free to marry somebody else?

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