This blog has two general areas.  The first is my general thoughts.  I try to keep this sectrion free of politics however I am human and occasionally feel the urge to say something politically relevent.  I promise to try to keep such postings to a minimum.

The second part is about my views about Boston sports, and in particular, the Red Sox and Patriots.  I expect the I will occasionally venture into other areas such as the Celtics, college and high school sports.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a man who made a lot of friends in the Back Bay. I met him on Arlington Street over 10 years ago and have special memories of brief chats with him on my way to Emmanuel Church. I learned today that he had finally found housing, not sure how long ago, and that gifts in his memory can be made to the Pine Street Inn. He may have touched more hearts during his time on the streets than many of us do living our comfortable, conventional lives. He put a face on the issue of homelessness for many of us and taught us to care.

    • When I wrote the above on Dec. 18, I intended it to be a response to the wonderful tribute to Arthur Dorgan. Maybe you could move it to the right place, with the other comments. I think of him whenever I pass by the spots where I’d conversed with him.

      • Dorothy, unfortunately, wordpress does not have any such facility to move responses, other than to the trash, that I can find. I will do some more looking around and if it is possible, it will get done. thank you for your interest.

  2. im 21 im trying to get sober. its not easy havent found an AA group i feel comfortable with yet and i feel like none of the women give 2 shits if im alive or dead, but thats ok cus its not their problem eh?! AA isnt all its cracked up to be

  3. Thank You for your article on Dealing with Contentious People! My Dad, quite often, seems to want to argue with me. I asked him once Why he said what he did, and he told me he was “just kidding” and that I was “too sensitive”. After that, I have never said anything to him when he starts poking me. Now I feel that I can stand up and ask him Why again, and not take those responses for an answer. I will gently ask him to tell me the truth. Hopefully someday I will not feel nervous about going to visit my Dad and Mom. I want to Honor my Father and Mother. I want a loving relationship with him. But if he don’t stop…I’m not sure how much more I can take. Thank You again!

    • Sheri, I think your dad is likely dealing with something inside himself which is extremely uncomfortable. People who feel shame about something often use deflection as a way to deal with that shame, to avoid talking about it. His deflection saying “just kidding” is a euphemism because he was not kidding but is unwilling or incapable of discussing what is really bothering him. The “too sensitive” thing is his wishing he had not said what he did. The next time he takes a poke at you, try at that moment to think of what might be bothering him. If you cannot come up with anything just come out and say you love him, first, and then, what is bothering him, second. Good luck and do not ever give up!

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